Yamaha bol d'or

“Of course it is disappointing to come away not having finished the race, but Endurance racing is like this, it is always unexpected. I felt really good going in to the race, the bike is really fast, my teammates are on good form and the team is working well so we had everything in place to be a serious challenger at the front for the podium. Unfortunately Kohta crashed, but he was able to get up and bring the bike back, I’m glad he was ok. We had electronic issues come on and off making it almost impossible to ride consistently quickly without being very dangerous so it was the right decision to retire. We’ll be back in Le Mans and fighting at the front!”

An amazing race, we target a podium in 24-hour racing but we know that you need a lot to go your way to get a podium. We had a couple of problems early on which is part and parcel of 24-hour racing but we dealt with them fairly well. We had a really strong middle sector through the night, all three riders were really strong and all of them put in really good stints. Greg and Seb were both really strong and Yonny, around midday when the sun was up and it was more his specialist area, could push a good lap time. Overall we put ourselves in a good position, we were hoping at that point to be able to capitalise on a higher position, but these things don’t always work out. If we go back to our original objective of being on the podium, then objective achieved. The whole team has worked hard on the new Fireblade for 2017 and they couldn’t be more happier with it. It’s great for the bike and the team overall, and it’s a really strong platform that we can build on for the future.

Yamaha bol d'or

yamaha bol d'or


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