Tzone bowling ball

Dottie has been an avid gardener for over 20 years in Central New York (zone 5) and a crafter for life. She especially enjoys working with hypertufa, stained glass, mosaics, and turning trash into garden art. Dottie and her husband Gary have done craft shows, had an Etsy shop and are currently considering selling their creations at flea markets and variety shops. Dottie has been featured in seven issues of Birds and Blooms, Birds and Blooms Extra, and several specialty publicatiions. Dottie started in December 2005 after repeatedly being asked how she made a particular project. She thought it fitting to just share her ideas with the world, for free, so that others can be inspired to beautify their own world.

The first question asked by people buying their first ball is usually what weight they should use.  Many people want a ball lighter than what they should use because their experience with ‘house balls’ has left them with tired and sore hands.  A proper fit will allow the bowler to use much less gripping force to hold the ball, allowing a heavier ball to be used for more games with less wear and tear on the bowler’s hands.  At Strike Zone we have slings available for the bowler to see the weight of a ball without the grip, allowing the bowler and the professional to separate weight issues from grip issues.

The higher friction that this ball can achieve also means that you can expect a smooth roll once it makes its way further down the lane. By combining a high gloss buff with a rougher buff, it creates a less even surface area that is able to pick up more oil in the lane and roll more than glide. The power and force of the ball is supposed to decrease somewhat in the first half of the lane, so that by the time it reaches the pins the ball is rolling smoothly and right in line with your angle. Balls that create less friction are more likely to glide and break in the backend, which can make it harder to hit the pocket and clear the pins without taking a lot of extra care to line up each throw.

Tzone bowling ball

t zone bowling ball


t zone bowling ballt zone bowling ballt zone bowling ballt zone bowling ballt zone bowling ball