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Dylan made his first trip to the United Kingdom from December 1962 to January 1963. [49] He had been invited by TV director Philip Saville to appear in a drama, Madhouse on Castle Street , which Saville was directing for BBC Television . [50] At the end of the play, Dylan performed "Blowin' in the Wind", one of its first public performances. [50] The film recording of Madhouse on Castle Street was destroyed by the BBC in 1968. [50] While in London, Dylan performed at London folk clubs, including the Troubadour , Les Cousins , and Bunjies . [49] He also learned material from UK performers, including Martin Carthy . [50]

I got my M&P shield 9mm right before the XD-S 9mm came out, and have no regrets, its been completely reliable, surprisingly accurate and fun to shoot despite its small size. The only problem I’ve had with it (which I hear is quit common) has been that the white dots on the rear sight fell out after 150 rounds fired. Not a big deal though, I don’t really need them and I’m planning on getting XS big dots sights eventually any how. I haven’t fired the XD-s but the finish on it seems more refined, not exactly better, but it has a higher quality feel at least to me when compared to the shield. Of course the shield is a around a $400 gun,the XD-s is more like $550ish. From everything I’ve heard you can’t go wrong with either.

Tball zimmerman mn

t ball zimmerman mn


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