T-ball stand

The bat manufacturers currently are struggling to produce affordable versions of bats with the new standard, and we do not know if the program rollout date will be kept at Spring of 2018, but since that is only 18 months away, we wanted to make you aware now, in case you are considering purchasing an expensive composite or other type bat in the near future, as there is a likelihood it will be obsolete in less than 2 years. Our league will do our best to update families as we learn of any developments or changes in the bat rules going forward. For now we just want you to be aware and use this limited information as best you can before committing to a costly bat purchase for a player that will still be 12 years (league age) or younger in 2018.   

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T-ball stand

t-ball stand


t-ball standt-ball standt-ball standt-ball standt-ball stand