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Spacious and free private parking lot, friendly reception staff, excellent though limited kitchen, small but perfectly clean rooms, with plenty of power outlets, perfectly useable for office work, free WIFI works fine. There were a few issues though: - the light in the corridor for our room did not switch on automatically, which made for a rather creepy experience each time we left the room after sunset. We reported this issue 4 times in total, without any effect, and in the end were told the technician was in vacation - the remote for the TV was missing in the room. Was replaced quickly by the reception staff. - one morning all towels were removed from our room, for inventory. Although I asked to get clean towels as soon as possible, I was left without towels the whole morning, and had to go fetch a new set myself - the cleaning staff does not understand Dutch, although the hotel is located in the Flemish region. - the bed is extremely hard, not at all comfortable, painful at times - we got an incorrect bill charging breakfast 3 times, although we only had breakfast once. - foul smell upon entering the room

During the three-year warranty period offered by most manufacturers there are an average of claims per car against guarantees. During seven years, Kia customers make an average claims. That's of a claim per car in the final four years of the warranty. This means the Kia cars get checked and repaired more and get more reliable in the long run. This seems to have a positive effect on the used value of Kia cars on the second hand market. The customer therefore wins twice: he gets 7 years of peace of mind, and a higher resale price. Kia from its side, almost tripled its market share.

Proviron dutch bodybuilding

proviron dutch bodybuilding


proviron dutch bodybuildingproviron dutch bodybuildingproviron dutch bodybuildingproviron dutch bodybuildingproviron dutch bodybuilding