Pro-v mesterolone

When you ingest or inject anabolics in your system, they eventually discover way to your bloodstream. What lots people seem to be unaware of is how different enzymes bound the hormones after this. Its possible to get the strong steroid into your body and thus it should assist you build lean muscle, now you have an enzyme which binds to the steroid and makes it inactive. Not good for lean muscle building. Similar to your natural testosterone. What the following means is the hormones floating in your bloodstream cannot be bound to substances such as Sex hormone-binding globulin in case you wish to grow and get the most from your anabolic cycles.

Side effects:
The reviews on side effects of Provimed at men when using 2-3 tablets are very few; so, Provimed combined with steroidal cycle may be relatively safely used for more than some weeks. Provimed is well treated by liver and there will be no any liver dysfunctions when the preparation is used in indicated dosages. For the athletes that are used to work under the slogan of “the more – the better” the use of Provimed may cause something of a paradox. In the instruction of their Wistimon preparation “Yenapharm” writes: “When used at high dosages, it may lead to electrolytes and water retention in the organism and as a result to edemas”. Those who use not more than 2-4 tablets per day may not hesitate about that matter.

Pro-v mesterolone

pro-v mesterolone


pro-v mesterolonepro-v mesterolonepro-v mesterolonepro-v mesterolone