Primo tabs dosage

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I find this part of your post quite interesting: “When I’m in a ulcerative colitis flare, this can be a bit tricky. The most frustrating aspect of this is that it can sometimes take over half an hour before I can get out the door… I’m constantly having to dash to the bathroom before I can get out and ride. The fascinating thing is that when I’m racing and training, my flare literally disappears.” I race motocross (ATV), and have been experiencing my first flare mostly likely because I was prescribed antibiotics for bronchitis. I had been trying to get my UC under control before racing season but am still not in remission. I experience the same thing before a race. I make sure I eat something lite 3-4 hours before I leave, and then keep running back and forth to the bathroom. No more solid food after that. Once I race, no problems and I usually don’t have any symptoms the next day. I rely on sports drinks, and protein shakes during the race. (I’ve heard that sugar is a problem, but artificial sweeteners seem to bother me, so I mix the two.) This is contrary to what I have been reading. Much of what I have read states that strenuous exercise increases inflammation which makes the UC worse. I raced a 50 minutes cross country style race this past weekend. I felt horrible when I got up, went through the usual 3- 4 hour bathroom ritual and was almost afraid to leave the house. I survived the hour drive to the track, raced the full 50 minutes and had no problems. Felt fine the day after as well.

Primo tabs dosage

primo tabs dosage


primo tabs dosageprimo tabs dosageprimo tabs dosageprimo tabs dosageprimo tabs dosage