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Because of the new racial laws and the increasing intensity of prevalent fascism, Levi had difficulty finding a supervisor for his graduation thesis, which was on the subject of Walden inversion , a study of the asymmetry of the carbon atom. Eventually taken on by Dr. Nicolò Dallaporta, he graduated in mid-1941 with full marks and merit, having submitted additional theses on x-rays and electrostatic energy . His degree certificate bore the remark, "of Jewish race". The racial laws prevented Levi from finding a suitable permanent job after graduation.

Are you trying to put together a wedding on a budget? Cost conscious brides and grooms can save a lot of money by purchasing and setting up their own lighting. Mini lights come on white as strings, which easily blend in with tablecloths, around tree trunks, on garden fences – the possibilities are virtually endless. Some couples simply lay a strands of rope light on table tops for soft lighting during dinner service. With colors ranging from white to hot pink, no matter what your wedding theme, you can find lights to compliment it.

Primo e 100

primo e 100


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