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"The great thing about Jim is he's one of a handful of people in this world who've created something that's the standard of the industry. He's the man that's provided us with a great amp for about 50 years now. And not too many people can say that about anything. It really is few and far between to be able to provide a product that caters to the masses the way that Marshall has. Especially with the amount of integrity it's maintained all these years" - Slash

In 2012 we celebrated our Golden Anniversary and 50 years of loud.

With a mammoth concert held at London's Wembley Arena, featuring Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Kerry King, Doug Aldrich, Billy Duffy, Phil Campbell, Glenn Hughes, Corey Taylor, Nicko McBrain, Mike Portnoy and Brian Tichy among others - 50 Years of Loud Live was the only way to celebrate.

Throughout the year, a series of commemorative 1-Watt heads and combos were released, paying tonal and visual homage to classic Marshall's developed over the past 50 years. The 1960s were represented by the JTM-1, the 70s by the JMP-1, the 80s by the JCM-1, the 90s by the DSL-1, and the 00s by the JVM-1. Limited edition, and built only during the year of 2012, these truly are collectors items.

2012 was not only a celebration of 50 years in the business, but paid tribute to Mr Jim Marshall himself, who passed away in April 2012 .

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Primo bold stack

primo bold stack


primo bold stackprimo bold stack