Primo and test dosage

Just want to let everyone know that Gear OZ is the real deal.
> Impeccable service in regards to delivery which was super quick.
> Made an order on Thursday and received goods on the Monday. I had a
> few questions which they promptly replied. A professional business.
> First class. Hats off to Rain Man. As far quality goes it is high
> quality. Just started my cycle first week and noticed the
> pumps/energy/strength already. Eating clean and training with
> intensity are paramount to using gear. I am using Tren A, Test prop.
> and Masteron. Insane stack for me. Cheers

Hey JD, Really appreciate all you do and eagerly await the release of your new book. I’m currently on TRT at 200 mg/week test cyp. With Labs every 3 months from doctor. I’ve been wanting to add some low dose nandrolone to my regiment but cannot find any helpful information on how this will effect my labs. I live in Canada and don’t have access to private labs don’t want any surprises that may cause me to lose my scrip or have dosage lowered. Any advice on enhancing my TRT without putting my prescription at risk? I really want to stay with doctor for sole purpose of having access to lab work. Your opinion is basically the only one I trust out of anyone on the internet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Primo and test dosage

primo and test dosage


primo and test dosageprimo and test dosageprimo and test dosageprimo and test dosageprimo and test dosage