Primo 100 results

50 Miles Class (56 miles)
Number Rider Home Horse Breed Ride Duration Comments 51 Bridie Lydon-Towle Nottinghamshire Simeric Cassini Arab Completed 17 miles 52 Matt Walker Aberdeenshire Cumbria Aswad Arab Completed 17 miles 53 Hannah Lydon Nottinghamshire Bizout Arab Completed 17 miles 54 Marthe Kiley-Worthington France Druimghigha Shatish PB Arab 12 hrs 28 min 3rd 55 Christopher Rendle France Druimghigha Sherpa PB Arab 12 hrs 28 min 3rd 56 Sally Toye Hampshire Emira Bint Letifa (Mia) Arab Withdrawn 57 Morvan Walker Angus Tannasg Psyches Gorgeou Arab 12 hrs 28 min Overall Winner 58 Penny Howard Aberdeenshire Aryan Arab 11 hrs 53 min 1st (25 minute time allowance) 59 Carol Jones Wales Madinah Arab Completed 17 miles

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Primo 100 results

primo 100 results


primo 100 resultsprimo 100 resultsprimo 100 resultsprimo 100 resultsprimo 100 results