Piega master one review

From the creative minds of Gabi and Edwin Rijnveld of Crystal Cable comes the latest version of The Cube amplifier ($16k, original finish; add around $3k for real gold-plated trim) with new, pure analog circuitry featuring ultra-precision parts made by a company involved in the European space program. This stellar-sounding, stylish, small-footprint amp boasts ultra-low noise courtesy of clever pure analog circuitry design. The Cube drove the company’s petite yet powerful Minissimo speakers (with diamond tweeters) mated to a Subissimo subwoofer to fantastic effect. This combo provides rich, open, and expansive sound that belies the speakers’ size. (Watch for my review of this sub/sat system in an upcoming issue.) Crystal Cable also unveiled its The Ultimate Dream line of ultra-premium monocrystal cables.

Piega master one review

piega master one review


piega master one reviewpiega master one reviewpiega master one reviewpiega master one review