Msi primo test

In the past, a dual Xeon workstation was the way to get the best video editing performance. Exporting, rendering, and ecoding all benefit from a lot of CPU cores. Up to about 16 cores improve performance. However, there is a tradeoff between cores and clock speed. The best performance is attained by balancing core count with clock speed. Currently, the best balance of core count and clock speed is the 16 core, 32 thread Threadripper 1950X . Dual socket Xeons offer the same or less performance due to slower individual cores, even the monstrous Xeon CPUs with 20+ cores won't give more performance.

Thanks for your time and effort. So, regardless of the model of the GPU , it can have a modified Bios to increase it’s hash rate ? i mean that it would not differ if it was RX 470 4G or 8G ? Msi or Sapphire ? Because i am in the middle of a process of buying 9 MSI cards RX 470 8G , and i had to be sure that it can have a modified bios because it’s stock hashrate ( as you know) is only MH/s, and that is a small number compared to the sapphire nitro+.
Thanks again for your precise and great work you have done on your site and KEEP IT UP

Msi primo test

msi primo test


msi primo testmsi primo testmsi primo testmsi primo testmsi primo test