Mesterolone vs clomiphene

Dear Dr Miller, myself and my wife we were trying to have baby since last 3 yrs but no success. Last month i went to doctor and had my FSH,LH,T and SA tests done. FSH – uIU/ml, LH – uIU/ml, T – ng/ml. Sperm count was M/ml. Doctor told me that LH and T are normal where as FSH is high. He suggested me to take clomid 25mg daily to increase my sperm production . After 1 month , i had done my SA tests again . i expected sperm count to increase but instead i found out that my sperm count has actually decreased to M/ml. Pls help me doctor

The bad thing about Proviron is proviron efeitos that it does not help in maintaining strength and muscle gains after a steroid cycle whereas HCG, Clomid, and Teslac do. As maintenance dose 1 Proviron mesterolone hair tablet of 25 proviron y boldenona mg twice or three times daily will be sufficient. For males who dont mind injections Anavar would usually be stacked with proviron and hcg a fast acting Testosterone such proviron y boldenona as Propionate and proviron pre contest another cutting steroid such as Trenbolone or Equipoise.

Mesterolone vs clomiphene

mesterolone vs clomiphene


mesterolone vs clomiphenemesterolone vs clomiphenemesterolone vs clomiphene