Mast prop and tren

SIS labs have definitely lived up to the expectations. Since I started this bulk, gained 18 lbs and the strength just keeps on going. Test is perfectly dosed. Libido and well being is through the roof. Wife is very happy as it stays high throughout. Running deca merely for joint pain @ 1 cc a week and really enjoying it as my joints are getting stronger and smoother.
Both deca and tri test flow smoothly leaving no pip. SIS D bol gave me jaw dropping pumps. Put on more than 12 lbs in just 4 weeks.
Sides are acne, greasy skin, high blood pressure (with D bol), irritation, aggression and change in body temperature.

Thanks a lot for ur help mate,
first of all, I checked my body fat and Im at 18%….
so as u said, it is either bulk or cut , Ive done a cycle for me and I want ur advise, (last one 🙂 )
week 1-4 test pro 150mg eod( mon-wed-fri)
week 1-10 test enan 350mg twice a week
week 11-12 test pro 150 eod( mon-wed-fri)
week 1-12 arimidex eod
week 1-6 dbol 30mg ed
week 13-14 rest
week 15-19 pct nolvadex.
test e and p are from concent rex.. called them enanTREX and propiTREX. (legit)
I want to know if this cycle sounds good?? and some help with the PCT please. and of course Im prepared to make changes…..
hope to hear from u soon, Im keen to start ASAP. and again thanks a lot mate.

Mast prop and tren

mast prop and tren


mast prop and trenmast prop and trenmast prop and trenmast prop and trenmast prop and tren