Mast producing trees

I got a quotation here in South Africa to take my house off the grid. And the following was seen. To have a 3 kilowatt system to drive two refrigerators and some lights and vacuum cleaner or washing machine It came to three years fuul wages for a qualified journeyman! The batteries were specially made for this purpose very expensive and a usefull life of ten years then they would start to deteriorate. As we do not have reliable useful wind here where I stay I had to go full Voltaic recharging. The area needed for those batteries was also maintenance is very low as the batteries will need occasional topping up with distilled water and the solar cells cleaning from dust and so on!Do not try to use automotive batteries as they cannot stand these loading an charging cycles. Batteries made for boats and caravans will live longer but special batteries work the best

For most landscape gardeners in Texas, Agave plants, Yucca trees and Aloe plants are familiar in the landscape and also to indoor dish gardeners. Agave plants are native plants to the ., and especially to Texans who see them growing in the desert landscape as plants that required no special care or attention, no fertilizer, water or protection from pests. Agaves such as the commonly known, 'Century Plant' A. americana, grows almost anywhere, and the striped, variegated form Agave americana 'Marginata', is dramatic in the landscape or when containerized to grow near pools or in dish gardens. The Agave attenuata is called a 'spineless agave' and is absent any thorns, spines or terminal pricks. The agave plant leaves are thick and fleshy and the Agave tequilana is grown in Mexico to ferment into an alcoholic beverage, tequila. Yucca plants can grow into small trees and the Joshua Tree that is also called the Yucca Palm Tree can live for a thousand years and is armed with dangerous tough, woody leaves with terminal spikes. The Joshua Tree, Yucca brevifolia, was named by the Mormans and grows into an enormous specimen with large clusters of white flowers in the spring. The Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard' is a beautiful variegated plant that is drought resistant and dramatic when grown as a container specimen. The Yucca rostrata is very prickly and armed with thorns, spikes and tough skin that is cold hardy in all Texas areas and grows into huge yucca trees. The Red Yucca, Hesperales parviflora, has long filamented peeling leaves that from the center of the plant sends up a flower stalk topped by orange flurry of flowers, and the leaves turn red in the winter and then revert to green in the spring. The Aloe vera plant is an excellent medicinal plant with beautiful spotted leaves that produce a beautiful spike of orange flowers in the spring, and the sap of the leaves is excellent to treat burns, bee stings or scratches for quick healing.

Mast producing trees

mast producing trees


mast producing treesmast producing treesmast producing treesmast producing treesmast producing trees