Mast p flashback

And yet, when assessing any film’s directorial merits, it’s helpful to compare them to history’s ultimate example of directorial vision — Citizen Kane . So, I sat down and forced myself to compare the two, and the further I got, the more the leg braces of skepticism magically buckled and my mind was off and “run-ning.” While Welles’ directorial work is clearly superior, I was pleasantly surprised by Zemeckis’ directorial prowess. I went from thinking he and Welles were complete “apples and oranges,” to realizing they were more like “peas and carrots” than I ever imagined.

Although it’s fairly standard practice for carwashes to post “Not responsible for damage” disclaimers on site, few customers pay much attention to them. Unfortunately for this owner, leaving the non-retractable antenna mast on the truck cost him a $500 insurance deductible and a repair bill totaling $6,000. The carwash’s rotating brushes grabbed the antenna mast, ripped it right out of the fender, and proceeded to whack the side of his truck repeatedly while going through the wash. Would this same thing have happened to a truck with steel fenders? Who knows. But let this be a lesson: pay attention to the car wash warning about removing your antenna!

“Oh, yes, Ellen, that’s very good. Now try going a little deeper.” Back in the close-up, Ellen slides her tongue inside Rachel’s moist cunt. “Ooh, yeah…Use your fingers…” Again in the close-up, Ellen inserts her first two fingers in Rachel’s steamy hole. “Oh! Oh, God, Ellen, I’m getting close…Just…a little longer…” Rachel starts squeezing her tits, as Ellen continues to eat her out. Soon, Rachel bites her lip, arches her back, and squeals through her teeth. Once the orgasm subsides, Rachel looks down at Ellen, who’s kissing her now wet thighs.

Mast p flashback

mast p flashback


mast p flashbackmast p flashbackmast p flashbackmast p flashbackmast p flashback