Mast engines

While it’s certainly possible to build much larger small-blocks these days, the good ol’ 383 keeps chugging along. The same balance of performance and value that made it popular decades ago still applies today, and Competition Products’ 383 proves the point. For a little over $4,000, it kicks out 410 hp and 450 lb-ft. The company starts with a four-bolt block, punches it -inch over, then fits it with a cast Scat crank, steel rods, and :1 hypereutectic pistons. The short-block breathes through aluminum cylinder heads, a dual-plane intake, and a dyno-tuned carb, all from Edelbrock. All you have to add is a water pump, and this puppy’s ready to fire up.

According to Josephus , the Roman siege towers at Jotapata were 50 feet high and iron-plated to protect them from fire; those at Masada were reported to be 75 feet high. It was possible to have many different devices on siege towers, such as artillery, draw bridges and rams. Those at the top of the tower were to keep defenders off the walls while those below them attempted to breach the wall using ramps. In the battle of Jerusalem in 70 AD the Romans began assault on the third defensive wall within Jerusalem, the tower stood 75ft tall and was compromised when the Jewish resistance tunneled underneath the tower leading it to collapse. [16] Following a basic design, details of tower construction varied from siege to siege and there is no known treatise which specifies at which level siege equipment should be placed. Vegetius noted that, “besiegers sometimes built a tower with another turret inside it that could suddenly be raised by ropes and pulleys to over-top the wall”. [17]

Larger Hyster and Yale forklifts in the 8,000 pound up until 15,000 pound capacity frequently use the GM liter forklift engine .  This engine is used in other brands of forklifts as well–even Toyota, Mitsubishi, and “ Cat 50 forklift ” uses this engine.  It’s a good engine, reasonably priced, made in America, and parts are easy to find.  Forklift manufacturers will rarely reference the brand of engine in their new brochures but you can usually deduce the brand by the displacement–if a forklift has a liter engine, there’s a 99% chance it’s a GM

Mast engines

mast engines


mast enginesmast enginesmast enginesmast enginesmast engines