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On September 3rd, 2011, Fox 8 Cleveland [8] reported on a group of high school students in Ohio that were accused of “racial intimidation” for displaying a “ YOU MAD BRO ” banner during a football game. The article was subsequently posted to Reddit [9] and Gawker [7] on September 5th, 2011, followed by TIME , [21] Yahoo! News [22] and Smosh. [23] Though it is unclear whether or not the students were reprimanded, the Kirtland Schools Superintendent Steve Barret noted that he saw the sign as disrespectful with an air of bad sportsmanship. [24]

Jeanne Crescenzo is a Minister, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Artist. She has been working professionally and with compassion for 10 years as well as being a radio personality and guest on a variety of radio programs. Her love of connecting to the Otherside, Higher Dimensions, and Wisdom for others has helped countless all over the world.
As a healer, she connected with teachers in Earth as well as in Spirit and is a Reiki Master and Advanced Theta Healer. She was taught by a group of angelic ascended light beings to interpret the sacred geometric layers of energy in the aura to develop understanding of a persons soul vibration, akashic records, and layers of life purpose and channel this information for ones personal spiritual growth. They gave her the understanding that she would help activate others to their star seed vibration and their vaster cosmic selves. Having a greater understanding of her own multi-dimensionality has helped her in her healing work with others and move toward helping others connect with their star seed vibration. This is an ongoing study even today and has helped her find peace, gratitude, and deep levels healing in her own life.

Lol diana rune page

lol diana rune page


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