Lean cycle carb cycling meal plan

Thank you so much for such a great article! I’ve been vegan for 7 years but i’ve been really confused as to what to eat in the past 9 months since i started looking into starch based diets. I’ve tried both high carb/low fat and high protein/low carb, both have their drawbacks with regard to my energy and recovery levels and how satiated I feel. Neither seems to be helping me with weight loss and sometimes it can feel like i just don’t know how to eat anymore! I do aerial hoop twice a week which is high intensity & sometimes i just don’t have the stamina. I have a desk job, so pretty much sedentary all day but thankfully now the evenings are getting lighter here in the UK i can start to walk again after work. Although i’ve not lost any weight, my body shape is changing so i know there’s muscle under there somewhere 😛 but i do have at least a stone of fat to loose.
I have never even looked into carb cycling before but you have explained it in a logical way that seems really easy to grasp and stick to, it sounds like the best of both world really!
My only struggle is with low carb vegan breakfast, I usually eat at my desk at work and do like my oatmeal. Maybe on the low carb days I can have less oats, with a protein powder topped with yogurt and a little fruit.
I feel excited to try this and hopefully start seeing some great results. I’ve never commented on a blog before but felt compelled after reading this, so thank you again 🙂 xx

Many trainers suggest taking a “ cheat day ” and allowing yourself to eat what you like, but make sure that approach isn’t setting you back. “To sustain a diet, a weekly reward day is not the best option,” says Crandall. “If you’re in the mindset to indulge after depriving yourself, you could end up eating 5,000 calories in one day when you only need 1,400 — and that will derail any progress you’ve made.” But don’t be discouraged; there is a little wiggle room for treats in a carb cycling plan. “If having an occasional bagel or bowl of sugary cereal helps you comply with your meal plan, work that into a high-carb day,” says Starnes. “Just scale back the other meals a bit that day.”

The book recommends using these sweeteners: stevia (. SweetLeaf, Truvia), xylitol (. Xlear, Xylosweet), sorbitol, erythritol, and honey in very small amounts
There are differing opinions about what is “natural”; the products you mention have also had quiet a bit of processing done to them. A completely unprocessed version would be stevia leaves, but that’s difficult to add to other foods and can be bitter.
As Chris says stevia is okay (including Truvia), you could use whichever stevia product you feel comfortable with.
Hope that helps.

Lean cycle carb cycling meal plan

lean cycle carb cycling meal plan


lean cycle carb cycling meal planlean cycle carb cycling meal planlean cycle carb cycling meal planlean cycle carb cycling meal planlean cycle carb cycling meal plan