Lean bulk cycle calories

I’m familiar with this one! I was accidentally under-eating (and under-carbing) for years (I don’t eat when I’m stressed, thanks to a rigorous academic program, moving and financial woes.) After my adrenals & thyroid tanked, my doctor insisted I boost my 1400-1600 calories (>70g carbs) to 2000 calories. Unfortunately, I tried to ease into 2000 and I put on some extra fat. I eat around 1750-1800 now (80-100g carbs), which is what I SHOULD be losing on, but it’s really just my maintenance. Not sure if it’s worth trying to up my calories more..? I’m now ~125lbs, probably 19% BF at this point. Exercise about -3 hours a week from biking, weight lifting, HIIT, & hiking. Adrenals are back in a more normal range, thyroid should be doing much better as well (should get 2nd results in about a week.)

Ahhh!!! Now everything makes sense!!! It kinda took me by surprise, I was thinking here we go, he’s gonna say: eat less carbs, or focus, intensity….hehe, just kiddin’. And actually just need to eat more (little more) to get my matebolisam up and things will fall into place! Thanks for taking your time and responding. I will definetly do what you said. I monitor everything with Jefit pro and fitness pal, so adjustment is gonna be actually easy. I’ll get my pictures together and email them to you for success story (damn, does that feel good saying that

Hi Mary, I’m sorry to hear that you are having these issues :( Try not to get too disheartened! If what you have been doing isn’t working, just sounds like you might need to change it up. First of all with your diet, I would try to reduce your carbs (to around 20-30%) and increase your fat (to around 20-30%). If you feel like your legs are mostly muscle I would avoid any exercises such as squats etc for now until you reduce some muscle. You can still do exercises for your legs but try to do more that focus on your glutes such as donkey kicks, single leg deadlifts, back extensions, leg raises, hip bridges etc. They are less intense but they still work to help tone up. Pilates is actually great to help give you ideas on exercises to tone up without bulking up your quads. I also recommend walking 5-6 times per day, preferably first thing in the morning. Try to start most of your days off with a walk. I hope that helps hun! All the best xx

Lean bulk cycle calories

lean bulk cycle calories


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