Intermediate lean bulk cycle

After retiring from Tecumseh Products India Limited, Mr. Madhavan started his own consultancy firm - M/s. K. S. Madhavan & Associates in April 2000 along with a few of his colleagues with extensive experience in internationally reputed organisations like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Indian Planning Commission, etc. It is a unique Consultancy Organisation with a cross section of consultants starting with Worker Teachers and Union Leaders, who are ready to work with other unions and unionised labour / staff to change their mindset. They also have Senior Consultants, who will be able to empathetically deal with the middle level and senior levels of employees of organisations.

This is an amazing program. Been on it for 9 weeks and all my lifts have gone up, great strength gains. Just a quick question JC; what’s the best way to transition from a bulk to a cut? I’m planning on making a short cut when I stall on all my lifts and before starting a new cycle, but I’m not sure what’s the best way to do it to keep all my strength gains. Do I eat at maintenance for 1 week then start lowering cals? Do I use my new maxes or should I do a deload firtst (I’ll be using a 3x RPT routine, not madcow). Any tips are appreciated. Thank you!

Ahhh!!! Now everything makes sense!!! It kinda took me by surprise, I was thinking here we go, he’s gonna say: eat less carbs, or focus, intensity….hehe, just kiddin’. And actually just need to eat more (little more) to get my matebolisam up and things will fall into place! Thanks for taking your time and responding. I will definetly do what you said. I monitor everything with Jefit pro and fitness pal, so adjustment is gonna be actually easy. I’ll get my pictures together and email them to you for success story (damn, does that feel good saying that

Intermediate lean bulk cycle

intermediate lean bulk cycle


intermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycleintermediate lean bulk cycle