Haloperidol 10 mg

In all studies, Zyprexa as tablets and as injections was more effective at improving symptoms than placebo. Zyprexa tablets were at least as effective as the medicines they were compared with for the treatment of schizophrenia (haloperidol), the treatment of moderate to severe manic episodes (haloperidol and valproate), and the prevention of recurrence in patients with bipolar disorder (lithium). The injection was also shown to be more effective than lorazepam (at a relatively low dose) in manic patients, and as effective as haloperidol in schizophrenia.

Results   Two hundred forty-seven participants (mean [SD] age, [] years; 85 women [%]; 218 with cancer [%]) were included in intention-to-treat analysis (82 receiving risperidone, 81 receiving haloperidol, and 84 receiving placebo). In the primary intention-to-treat analysis, participants in the risperidone arm had delirium symptom scores that were significantly higher than those among participants in the placebo arm (on average Units higher; 95% CI, -; P  = .02) at study end. Similarly, for those in the haloperidol arm, delirium symptom scores were on average Units higher (95% CI, -; P  = .009) than in the placebo arm. Compared with placebo, patients in both active arms had more extrapyramidal effects (risperidone, ; 95% CI, -; P  = .03; and haloperidol, ; 95% CI, -; P  = .01). Participants in the placebo group had better overall survival than those receiving haloperidol (hazard ratio, ; 95% CI, -; P  = .003), but this was not significant for placebo vs risperidone (hazard ratio, ; 95% CI, -; P  = .14).

Haloperidol 10 mg

haloperidol 10 mg


haloperidol 10 mghaloperidol 10 mghaloperidol 10 mghaloperidol 10 mghaloperidol 10 mg