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Cue the stranger-in-a-strange land jokes: Steve introduces Diana to his London secretary, Etta (an effervescent Lucy Davis), whose job puzzles Diana: “Where I come from, we call that slavery.” She’s equally nonplussed by women’s fashions and the boys club of the British military, where even genial officers like Steve’s boss Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) harrumph at a woman in their midst. More On: wonder woman How a threesome spurred the birth of Wonder Woman No, 'Wonder Woman' isn't a 'step backwards' This summer's hot movies are shaking up the Oscar race 'Wonder Woman' boosts Time Warner's profit

“Olivia uses social media as a way of branding herself in a competitive world. However, with highly glamorous images like these and similar ones that celebrities post, you’re only getting partial access to a person’s life. With celebrities, it’s their job to be exposed, but it can quickly become tough to control their public image. The same can happen if you’re a non-celebrity selfie-taker too. People will look at your images and judge you on what you’re projecting. But it is a useful tool of self-promotion if you’re sensible. The key is to make sure you avoid the psychological pitfalls. If you’re so keen to promote your ‘brand’ that you start to become reliant on likes and validation as a key to your success and if you just identify yourself as a brand, your self-esteem can become solely based on your pictures. You relinquish your control to people you don’t know and negative comments can be very hard to deal with.”

Diana bold movie

diana bold movie


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