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Magneto then attempted to recruit both the Thunder God, Thor , [17] and the King of Atlantis , Namor , [18] into his Brotherhood, but both refused. While convincing Namor, Magneto commandeered his Atlantean army and attacked, but was beaten by Namor and the Fantastic Four . The Blob was the next candidate for recruitment, but he ultimately declined to join, after seeing the way Magneto mistreated his followers. [19] Magneto briefly battled the Inhumans while attempting to use Black Bolt as an ally in assaulting a government research facility developing a new cosmic power source, but Black Bolt only pretended to succumb to Magneto's mind control device, and the royal family defeated Magneto. [20] During an encounter with the enigmatic Stranger , Magneto and the Toad were captured and taken to the Stranger's home world for study. [21] Shortly after, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch joined a revamped version of the Avengers , led by Captain America . [22]

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