Capric acid methyl ester

There are almost infinite esters obtained from thousands of potential starting materials. Esters are formed by removal of water from an acid and an alcohol, ., carboxylic acid esters, phosphoric acid esters, and sulfonic acid esters. Carboxylic acid esters are used as in a variety of direct and indirect applications. Lower chain esters are used as flavouring base materials, plasticizers, solvent carriers and coupling agents. Higher chain compounds are used as components in metalworking fluids, surfactants, lubricants, detergents, oiling agents, emulsifiers, wetting agents textile treatments and emollients, They are also used as intermediates for the manufacture of a variety of target compounds. The almost infinite esters provide a wide range of viscosity, specific gravity, vapor pressure, boiling point, and other physical and chemical properties for the proper application selections.

Aromatic water obtained from organically grown flowers through distillation, contains curative glycosides, also enriched with active, natural components: flavonoids, pectin, tannin, vitamins and mineral elements (potassium, magnesium, ferrous, zinc, selenium). Soothes skin, refreshes and cleans it, improves complexion and the skin tone. Cornflower regulates the sebaceous gland secretion, narrows enlarged pores, contributes to the improvement of lymph drainage and reduction of swelling around the eyes. It possesses a lifting effect and bactericide activity. Recommended to reduce swelling around the eyes.

Capric acid methyl ester

capric acid methyl ester


capric acid methyl estercapric acid methyl estercapric acid methyl estercapric acid methyl estercapric acid methyl ester