Bolt deadbreak connector

Eaton's Cooper Power™ series underground distribution equipment connect and protect the electrical distribution systems through a complete line of sectionalizing, switching, protection, automatic source transfer equipment for pad-mounted and subsurface installations. Additionally, Eaton's Cooper Power series insulated connector product line provides maximum flexibility and functionality for underground high-voltage distribution systems. The connector system provides full insulated and grounded devices for splicing and connecting underground cables to equipment and establishing multiple junction points. These products provide a high level of safety and allows for easy disconnecting and grounding of cables for equipment maintenance or change out.

Say another building was added that needed power, you could just connect that building to the existing array of dead break elbows. This also works great when temporary power is needed for construction or even if the circus is in town and they need medium voltage (it happens!). They can pick up power from the man-hole with the dead break elbows or from a piece of equipment with dead break elbows. I’ve heard that ships are now starting to use medium voltage shore power, I wonder what kind of connections they use.

A dead break elbow still provides flexibility during maintenance it just requires a brief outage to allow the cable splice to be broken. This high voltage outage could be scheduled at an off-peak time or after ensuring that all back-up systems were already running and/or transferred to another source such as a generator. I wouldn’t trust a UPS alone in this case unless it was connected to a second source of power like a generator.

Bolt deadbreak connector

bolt deadbreak connector


bolt deadbreak connectorbolt deadbreak connectorbolt deadbreak connector