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Savage won the King of the Ring tournament later in 1987. [33] Savage's popularity was rising to the point that he was being cheered by a majority of the fans despite being heel , so he became less hostile towards the fans and Miss Elizabeth. When The Honky Tonk Man declared himself "the greatest Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion of all time", Savage began a feud with him to get the title back, becoming a fan favorite in the process. To help gain credibility with fans as a face prior to his match against Honky, Savage was booked (on the winning end) against heels, including Hercules , "King" Harley Race and Killer Khan , among others. On the October 3, 1987, edition of Saturday Night's Main Event , he got his shot at The Honky Tonk Man and the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship, but lost out on the title when The Hart Foundation ( Bret "Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart ), who along with Honky were managed by "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart , interrupted the match, getting Honky disqualified. In the ensuing beatdown, Miss Elizabeth ran back to the locker room and brought Hulk Hogan out to the ring to save Savage, leading to the formation of "The Mega Powers". [34] [35] Savage would lead a team of five against Honky's team of five at the first annual Survivor Series where Savage's team were victorious, avenging Elizabeth's honor. His feud with Honky continued into early 1988, where in their last high-profile matchup (aired as the undercard to Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan on the February 5, 1988 Main Event ), Savage defeated Honky by countout after he shoved Honky away from Elizabeth and into the ringpost. Their feud was blown off in the weeks before WrestleMania IV when the two competed in tag team-style steel cage matches, with Savage and Honky each enlisting their allies for their respective teams; the Savage-led teams usually won these matches. Although Savage did not regain the Intercontinental Championship, bigger things were awaiting him.

Kanellis and Bennett returned to ROH at the January 4, 2014, tapings of Ring of Honor Wrestling which aired on February 1, with Kanellis helping Bennett defeat Cedric Alexander . [56] Throughout the summer, Maria and Bennett would get involved in Matt Hardy 's feud with The Briscoes . [57] During the feud, The Kingdom stole Jay Briscoe's title; Matt Hardy customized it as the Iconic Championship. At All Stars Extravaganza 6, Bennett and Maria customized the title as the Championship of Love. They were interrupted by Jay Briscoe's brother, Mark. Bennett and Kanellis left ROH after the December 19, 2015, Ring of Honor Wrestling taping, after failing to come to terms on a new contract with the promotion. [58]

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